The North Carolina Men in Mission



Our Mission

The Mission of the NCLMM is to support men in their spiritual growth and in their social and intellectual development as they strive to deepen their commitment to Christ and to their families; and to provide strength and support as they grow in the life of the Church and its evangelical mission.

NCLMM Events

Bishop Bolick's last sermon as as Synod Bishop
Please Visit the Home Mission Foundation website.

The NCLMM Executive Quarterly Board Meeting Schedule:

October 17- Daniels, Lincolnton

January 16- Synod House, Salisbury

March 19- Synod House, Salisbury

A Request for Annoucements - If your men's group is planning an event or would like to celebrate a recent event, please let us know. We will post celebrations for four weeks and future events from date of receipt until the event date. Pictures are welcome! We are here to serve you and your men's group.