Greetings from your NC Lutheran Men brothers.  Whether you are here to find out information about congregational men's groups, grow in your faith, or feel a calling to lead others, we want to help.  Please call, email, text, or stop by.  We are here to serve you and help others to know Jesus Christ.

News and Events

The 96nd annual North Carolina Men in Mission State Gathering will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at St. James Lutheran Church, Fayetteville NC.  Our theme, “…fan into flame the gift of God, that is within you…2 Timothy 1:6.  Keynote speaker will be Mr. Larry Moeller, author of The Query and President, Board of Trustees, NovusWay ministries.  Come and join us as we share our vision for every man to become a bold, daring follower of Jesus Christ. For information contact our office at phone 704-633-4861 ext 9560.  To register, please complete the Registration Form and email it to nclmm1988@gmail.com or mail it to our office.


One Year to Live Retreat at Lutheridge, Arden, NC on May 3-5 .  The retreat is an opportunity for men to explore the difference their Christian faith can make in their lives.  It offers a time to experience spiritual and personal growth, helps men to redefine their priorities and set aside all of that “stuff” that gets in the way of what is important. For more information contact our office at the Synod House, phone 704-633-4861 ext 9560, email nclmm1988@gmail.com  or www.nclmm.org.  To register, please use this form: Registration2019


Calendar of Events


August 20, 2018- CALM Chicken and Corn Roast at Advent, Charlotte.

September 21-23, 2018- OYTL Retreat at Tracy's Camp in Pinewood, SC

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